Winter Solstice


Today is the Winter Solstice. It’s the shortest day of the year and it marks the turning point in the Persephone Period. From this point in winter the days will slow grow longer. At my latitude the Persephone Period ends January 14 when we creep up above 10 hours of daylight. The Persephone period is when there are less than 10 hours of daylight during the day. Ours runs from November 28th to January 14 of the following year. Ours is quite mind and we still experience plant growth in the period as our shortest day is still 9 hours and 44 minutes of sunlight. In other words we almost get 10 hours of sunlight. Because of that winter production is generally fairly productive here and any place below the 35 degrees north. Let us rejoice for after today, every day will get longer from this point in winter. We have made it through the darkness and are headed towards the light of spring.


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