Bodhi Farms Internships and Permaculture

We offer internships and space for WWOOFers at our organic farm. We would encourage people interested in an internship or wwoofing on our farm to contact us. Our farm is a permaculture farm which means we use permaculture techniques even when we grow vegetables.

We also in process of planning and planting a food forest in the areas around the farm not suitable for organic agriculture. Our library is filled with numerous books on permaculture, farming, farm living and history.

We can accommodate a wide range of diets including vegan and vegetarian diets. Please contact if you are interested in interning at a permaculture farm. Please contact Brian by phone (505-617-1191) or email us at We accommodate WWoofers on a short term basis typically a month or longer. WWoofers can become full time interns if they work out.

Spring/Summer Interns (April 15-September 15)

We expect our interns to work hard and learn quite a bit while here.

  • Work five days a week.
  • Room and board are provided.
  • You can prepare your own breakfast and lunch from our food. Dinners are usually prepared.
  • Quarters include high speed wireless internet.
  • Stipend of $100 per month for incidentals.
  • Expectations: You will be challenged physically and mentally. We invest heavily in the development of our interns and we hope by the end that you will have the most educational experience you can handle.
  • Warning: You will be tired and sore for the first week, especially if you are not at altitude. Once you get acclimated, you will find it easier.
  • Maximum number is 2 interns.


  • Apprentices must commit to a 12-month stay and are chosen by the Despains from interns after two months of the summer internship. Choice will be made based on performance, attitude and the needs of the farm.
  • Will start and end October 15, with 2 weeks break in between summer internship and apprenticeship.
  • Room and board provided.
  • Breakfast and lunch on your own; evening meals will be prepared.
  • One per year.
  • Starting stipend: $400 per month, with performance advances up to $1,000 per month.
  • Manage and lead the interns.
  • Further education opportunities within the apprenticeship may include: greenhouse management, hydroponics, animal husbandry, bee keeping and more

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