Bodhi Farms Chicken Tractors

We use chicken tractors as a integral part of our farm. We move the tractors on a daily basis, moving the chickens to fresh fodder daily. This leads to healthier chickens, healthier soils and far fewer pests. We have spent a lot of time re-fining our approach to chicken tractors and we have found a design that we think is ideal for the home gardener. Our design philosophy was focused on making the chicken tractor as mobile as possible. In many designs you end up with a “luggable” chicken tractor that requires significant effort to move. This completely defeats the purpose of a chicken tractor. Let’s face it, everyone is pretty busy. We have over 14 chicken tractors that we move daily so we have refined our design repeatedly to make it easier to move, feed and water the chickens. We are now offering our chicken tractor built and delivered to you in Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Albuquerque (additional delivery charge to Albuquerque).

Let’s take a look at what makes this chicken tractor so useful. The tractor is 4 ft wide by 8 ft long. This give the chickens 32 square feet of space for a normal family sized flock (4-10 birds). Our tractor will support up to 10 chickens with a great deal of ease and comfort. Looking at the tractor we also provide 12 square ft of roosting space. This allows the chickens to roost comfortably at night and gives them room to look around during the day. Remember chicken evolved from ground birds and checking their environment from a higher vantage point which is a natural behavior. The tractor features a door for easy access and more importantly the nesting boxes are located on the outside. So you gather the eggs by lifting the lid. The tractor is completely roofed so the chickens stay dry during winter. Feed and water are hung from hooks on the interior of the tractor, ensuring the food stays dry and they move with the tractor.

Tractor In the Field

The entire tractor is wheeled with 8 inch wheels making it easy for a 10 year old child to move the tractor.

Please note that we use #2 lumber throughout which has been stained to either a cedar or redwood finish. This is not only a great place for chickens, it’s a great way for you to feed your family healthy food. Chickens who scratch and add native foods to their diet have a better balance of Omegas 3,6 and 9s. The birds are happier and healthier. So order a Bodhi Farms Chicken Tractor today and we will include a feeder and a waterer with your order and deliver directly to you. A Bodhi Farms chicken tractor is $400 delivered to Santa Fe. Please specify cedar or redwood finish when ordering. You can order by calling Bodhi Farms at 505-617-1191. Or you can email me at

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