Farm Rules

Here are the rules for interns, wwoofers and visitors.

1. No tobacco smoking. Cigarettes carry the tobacco mosaic virus which can exist in soil up to 50 years. This will completely seriously put a crimp in production of any night shade (tomato, potatoes etc)

2. Put your tools back at the end of day.

3. The last 1/2 hour of the work day is devoted to clean and repair.

4. If you eat a meal you didn’t prepare, you help clean up the kitchen.

5. Wash your own plate, silverware and cup.

6. If you cooked the meal you are exempt from cleaning the kitchen. (This rule excludes me since every meal I make is far too messy.)

7. Keep an open mind and ask why we are doing something.

8. If it’s different than another farm you have been to, tell me how they did it.

9. Share your ideas, they are important.

10. Put your laundry away.

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