Bodhi Farms September 26, 2015 Santa Fe Market

Bodh Farms will at the September 26, 2015 Santa Fe Farmers Market with the full fall harvest. You can expect Arkansas blacks apples (a little under-ripe but still the world’s best storage apple), Sakura Plums, Bartlett Pears, Golden Delicious, Jonathan apples. We will also have our usually selection of heirloom tomatoes such as black prince, purple cherokee, green zebra and 9 boxes of cherry tomatoes. Fresh salad mix (a selection of butterheads), arugula,Buck-horn’s Plaintain, baby chard, beet greens and garlic round out our offerings

We will have an heirloom tomatoes seconds table where heirloom tomatoes are $2/lb. We have been canning and saucing these tomatoes and their flavor is AMAZING!

Come to the Santa Fe Farmers Market and find Bodhi Farms inside out of the wind.

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